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      Cleaning for your health

      While cleaning is necessary, it erases recreation and raises "what if's". 
      What if homeowners had fewer run-ins with oven grime and earned more down-time? Hours to relax, grab dinner with friends or finally mit to a kickball league.
      What if business owners could focus less on maintaining a clean, professional space and more on inspiring employees and impressing clients?
      Chicago Clean Home is here to address those “what if’s” throughout the Chicagoland area and prevent pollution caused by naive cleaning. 

      Top Quality Services
      We offer everything from house, office, and apartment cleaning to carpet, mercial, move-in & move-out, and post-construction cleaning. This wide range of venues and service types ensures a universally healthier existence, whatever your lifestyle.
      Cleaning as Science, Not Curb Appeal
      We clean for health, not just for appearances. We dig deeper. Our staff eradicates carpet allergens, removes bacteria from unthinkable spaces and eliminates dust circulation through innovative tools like microfiber cloths and HEPA quality vacuums.
      Our team of skilled experts uses only green cleaning solutions and sustainable practices in order to provide you exceptional services with long-term benefits. A shinier, fresher and safer home or office awaits.
      Invest in a healthier living environment today.


      My kids make my carpets their playing field and cause regular mess on them. I can relax knowing that nothing is impossible for Cleaning CC and their extraordinary workers! Great to have you in my house, guys!Julia B.